The Counseling, Testing and Career Center aims to holistically guide and transform students to discover the beauty of their body, soul and spirit in order to understand themselves and the world for the common good.


The Counseling, Testing and Career Center is committed to assist students through the guidance and career services offered by well-trained and professional guidance counselors and staff to serve the students’ interests; to provide substantial and meaningful activities to promote students’ well-being and empowerment; to ignite students’ enthusiasm to understand reality, gain knowledge and enlace themselves the good, beautiful and worthy; and to inculcate the values of love, peace, and unity to themselves and the world through individual and group activities.


The Center conveys its threefold function: Counseling, Testing and Career Guidance. These trinitarian functions anchor the University’s comprehensive guidance program designed to ignite, transform and empower the clientele that it serves – the students.

Represented in blue color, the Center complements and beholds the germane purposes of the Tarlac State University’s vision, mission and objectives in attending to the needs of its clients.

The yellow, gold and brown colors illuminate the goal and purposes of the Center. Hence, the hues bespeak of the Center’s foundational values of inculcating the spirit of love, compassion, courage, passion, power, and wisdom among students.

The molecular gold symbolizes the end goal of transforming every student to flourish his unique personality and to live delightful happiness.